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Alaka`ina Foundation Mission

Our mission is to:


  • Build leadership programs and opportunities for our "na pua o Hawai'i", the youth of Hawai'i.

  • To do this we concentrate on programs in three major areas:


‘Olelo Hawaii:  Preserve and perpetuate the Hawaiian Language and official language as recognized in the Constitution of the State of Hawaii


Ka Wa’a:  We support the preservation and expansion of Hawaiian technology and use the canoe and Hawaiian navigational techniques as a metaphor for integration of Western and Hawaiian technologies and their knowledge they provide to all.


‘Aloha ‘Aina:  We support the teaching and preserving of our lands and oceans

“We seek harmony between Ke Akua, na akua, na aumakua (god), ‘aina (land), moana (sea) lani (heaven) and Kanaka (people), all part of the lokahi triangle (togetherness)”


We look forward to having you join us on our journey.

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