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David Kalama (1884 – 1963) inducted into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame

The Alaka`ina Foundation is proud to support the preservation and sharing through modern digitized platforms this important part of Hawaiian music history.

On October 29, 2022, David Kalama was inducted into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame. The Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame is an organization dedicated to recognizing the cultural importance of the music of Hawaii and hula. Established in 1994, the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame promotes the appreciation and preservation of Hawaiian culture through educational programs and annual inductions honoring significant individuals, groups, institutions, chanters, and songs.

Accepting the award on behalf of the Kalama ‘ohana was Nola Nahulu who is the artistic director of the Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus (HYOC), as well as the Kawaiahaʻo Church Choir, Kawaiolaonāpukanileo, an a cappella Hawaiian choral ensemble, and others. She is also a teacher and lecturer at UH Mānoa.



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