• Alaka`ina Foundation

Ho'okua'aina Lo'i Check Presentation from Alaka`ina Foundation

On Saturday, June 12, 2021, the Alaka`ina Foundation Board presented the Co-Executive Directors of Ho’okua’aina Lo’i with a donation in support of the great work that they do in sustaining food sources (taro) and preserving the culture while sharing it their knowledge and experiences with people of Hawaii and especially the future generation of young adults who have similar values and interests. For more information about the Ho’okua’aina Lo’i, please find their interesting biography and vision at: https://www.hookuaiana.org

Dean Wilhelm, Co-Director of Ho’okua’aina Lo’i (left) receiving the donation check from Alaka`ina Foundation Treasurer David Mortensen (right) in the Lo’i (taro) patch.

A celebration with (from left to right) Dean Wilhelm, Alaka`ina Foundation Executive Director and VP James “Kimo” Bacon, David Mortensen, Michele Wilhelm Co-Director of Ho’okua’aina Lo’i, and Alaka`ina Foundation Secretary William “Bill” Villa.