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  • Cynthia Wessendorf

Hawai`i’s Most Charitable Companies 2021

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Hawai‘i is a generous place, even in challenging times.

Whether it’s funding scholarships for at-risk students or organizing a food drive, you can count on many local companies to step up.

The Most Charitable Companies list is a way to recognize the people and initiatives that make Hawai‘i a better place. To compile the list, we surveyed companies in July and August to quantify their 2020 financial donations, as well as volunteer hours at work or through company-sponsored events.

In the past, organizations were ranked by how much they gave. But that feels like the wrong approach, particularly in a pandemic year. So we’re removing the competitive element of ranking to focus on the celebration.

Here’s to 51 organizations that gave people a hand up in 2020, and those that made an impact across multiple sectors, including food security, health, education, housing, and arts and culture.

Please go to Hawaii Business Magazine website for the full article and list of companies or download the article below.

11-21 HB Most Charitable List
Download PDF • 9.03MB



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